Dear colleagues!

 "Cemclub Co." in cooperation with Shukhov V.G. BSTU and according to its information and educational program conducts a seminar and an exhibition on the theme: "Modern energy saving technologies and equipment for the cement production".
The seminar is to be hold from 4 to 7 December 2023 in Belgorod, in the Belgorod State Technological University - alma mater of many cement producers.

During the seminar it is supposed to listen to the reports of universities, research institutes, factories, representatives of major domestic and foreign companies - manufacturers of equipment, instruments and supplies for the cement industry.
The Organizing Committee offers the following lecture topics:
- Cement factory of the future; innovative ways of clinker production;
- Modern technological schemes and equipment for the production of cement clinker;
- Construction of new cement plants operating dry process production;
- The conversion of cement plants from wet to dry and combined methods of clinker production; experience in domestic and foreign factories;
- Alternative fuels, the use of combustible waste; utilization of waste heat;
- Transfer of cement plants from gas to pulverized coal;
- Increase in the durability of the lining, the use of modern, efficient refractory materials;
- Reducing the moisture of sludge application of effective fluidifying;
- The use of own power generation;
- The production of blended cements, as a way to significantly reduce energy consumption for cement production (use angry slag and other active mineral additives);
- Modern technological schemes and equipment for crushing raw materials and cement;
- Modernization of grinding equipment by transfer mills from the open to the closed cycle process;
- Ways to reduce power consumption for grinding of raw materials and cement;
- The use of vertical roller mills for grinding raw materials and cements;
- Improving the efficiency of processes using the rapid analysis of chemical and mineralogical composition of materials of cement production;
- Frequency regulation of electric motors;
- Modern farming career and equipment for the extraction of raw materials; modern farm silage, internal transport of bulk materials, replacement of pneumatic transport to the mechanical; packaging;
- Apparatus and equipment for process control production of clinker and cement;
- Computerized management training process;
- automated process control system of cement production.
Invited to the seminar are the leaders of cement plants in Russia and the CIS, their deputies, technical directors, chief engineers, chief technologists, heads of departments, heads of regional departments, provincial and district authorities responsible for state regulation in the field of waste management, as well as specialists and managers of domestic and foreign firms - technology developers and equipment manufacturers. The seminar program provides cultural and excursion program.
With a view to preparing the program we ask you to inform the " Cemclub Co." names of the participants and, if so, the theme of reports two weeks before the seminar.


Yours faithfully,
Rector of the
Belgorod State Technological University, Doctor of Economics, Professor S.N. Glagolev

Professor V. I. ShubinDoctor of Technical SciencesGeneral Director of Cemclub Co. Ltd.
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